No option to scan for threats.

Microsoft antivirus is what I use (I am on windows security)

(Just skip to second paragraph if you want the quick rundown of the problems I’m having without the cinematic flair)

Guess who’s back. After trying to enter something into the Microsoft edge search bar my computer freezed for a couple seconds, then proceeded run as normal. obviously this doesn’t seem like much big a deal to me however I go to run a virus scan anyway because the last incident makes me do this very often. What’s this? The Option to do so is gone. Now it just says “No actions needed” Woah! That Definity isn’t suspicious in any way shape or form after a computer slowdown. No biggie, just go the the scan history as I did a scan a couple of hours ago so the option should be there. Kadzooks! I get a message saying my IT administrator has limited my access. What a coincidence that also sounds like a codename for a chinese spy. After restarting my computer literally nothing has changed. Okie dokie! guess I’ll just go f*ck myself then! 🙂

TLDR: I tried logging into minecraft however I was told the microsoft store and minecraft launcher were using two different accounts, so I got both on the same account. The message remained, so I gave up. After trying to type in the M edge search bar my computer froze, and I could no longer perform virus scans. If I tried to view my scan history I got a message saying “IT admin limited access”, and where the scan button used to be now stands a message saying “current threats: no action needed” please help

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