Quick Start Guide: Integrate Veracode in Your DevOps Pipeline

For today’s DevSecOps teams, the demands continue to intensify. Application portfolios and codebases continue to grow, while cyberattacks remain an ever-present danger. More than ever, it’s vital to ensure security gaps are identified and addressed with maximum speed and efficiency. In order to do this, you need to establish a continuous feedback loop on security threats, so you can realize optimized, sustained results – which is exactly how Veracode helps. Here we’ll outline how you can get started with Veracode in a matter of minutes, and we’ll detail all the ways we can help after your initial scans are complete. 
How to Quickly Get Started with Veracode 
Here’s an overview of the process of getting started with Veracode in two environments: GitHub and Azure. For each, we’ll outline the process for doing scans using our Veracode Static Analysis (SAST) and Veracode Software Composition Analysis (SCA) solutions. These solutions offer the fastest way to get scanning coverage in your…