Driverpack-Alice.exe and DriverPackAssistant.exe harmful or harmless?

just got a notification from my AVG antivirus. Saying DriverPackAssistant.exe was moved to quarantine as it was infected with malware [PUP]

The files were modified July 27th 2021 when my PC was being repaired at a PC repair shop (new HDD and Windows OS were installed) and some files are being shown as being last modified in April 2021 when as far as im aware the new HDD was still in its original packaging.

Files appeared in a folder called “userappdataroamingDRPSu” include an image with Russian/Cyrillic writing, A torrent file, a folder and two .exe files. AVG has moved the .exe files into “qurantine”. Im not sure about the nature of these files if they are harmful malware or just harmless junk, but what would be the best way to safely remove of all this files? If these files have seemingly been on my PC for months why did AVG just notice them now?


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