Weird stuff happening after Fiver download.

I downloaded a beat from Fiverr (just a single .wav file) and soon after my desktop wallpaper went to a default blue background. I thought that was weird but I scanned the file I just downloaded with Malwarebytes like I always do. Nothing found. I did a system scan with Malwarebytes and nothing found. I used Windows Antivirus as a backup scan and it quit on me halfway through.

Now I’m a little sus.

I unplugged my ethernet and I tried again and it worked, nothing found. Then I did a full offline scan, also nothing found. When my PC restarted my background was back.

My paranoid brain did another couple scans with the ethernet plugged back in and I experienced the antivirus rando-quit again. But I tried again and it worked.

Am I just super paranoid? Am I an old guy now? My PC has never had anything funky like that in it’s 4 years of ownership. It just seems sus that it’s happening right after a download.

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