NolaCon 2018 Videos

NolaCon 2018 Videos
Recorded at NolaCon 2018. Thanks to @CurtisLaraque, @mikearbrouet, @openbayou, Cole & @klulue for the video recording help, and @nola_con, @erikburgess_, @NolaConYvonne & Rob for having me down to record.

Chasing the Adder… A Tale from the APT world
Stefano Maccaglia

Aww Ship! Navigating the vulnerabilities and attack surface of the maritime industry
John Sonnenschein

Hacking Dumberly, Just Like the Bad Guys
Tim Medin, Derek Banks

Automahack – Python toolchain for automated domain admin
Dan McInerney

Dear Blue Team: Proactive Steps to Supercharge your IR
Joe Gray

You’ll Understand When You’re Older
Amanda Berlin

Skills For A Red-Teamer
Brent White, Tim Roberts

Hacking Smart Contracts–A Methodology
Konstantinos Karagiannis

Fighting Child Exploitation with Oculum
Andrew Hay, Mikhail Sudakov

How to tell cajun doctors they have bad cyber-hygiene and live
Joshua Tannehill

What Infosec in Oil & Gas can Teach us About Infosec in Healthcare
Damon J. Small

On the Hunt: Hacking the Hunt Group
Chris Silvers, Taylor Banks

Your Mac Defenestrated. Post OSXploitation Elevated.
FuzzyNop & Noncetonic

Keynote: Follow The Yellow Brick Road
Marcus J. Carey

We are the Enemy of the Good
Stephen Heath

Taking out the Power Grid’s Middleman
Nathan Wallace, Luke Hebert

Privacy for Safety- How can we help vulnerable groups with privacy?

Cash in the aisles: How gift cards are easily exploited
Will Caput

Mind Games: Exploring Mental Health through Games
Todd Carr

Jump into IOT Hacking with Damn Vulnerable Habit Helper IOT Device
Nancy Snoke, Phoenix Snoke

The Future of Digital Forensics
Imani Palmer

Changing the Game: The Impact of TRISIS (TRITON) on Defending ICS/SCADA/IIoT
Paul W. Brager Jr M.Sci, CISSP, GICSP, CISM

Ducky-in-the-middle: Injecting keystrokes into plaintext protocols
Esteban Rodriguez

Gamifying Developer Education with CTFs
John Sonnenschein & Max Feldman

Active Directory Security: The Journey
Sean Metcalf

HTTP2 and You
Brett Gravois

NolaCon 2018 Videos