List Of Rare Golden Cards And How To Trade It!

List Of Rare Golden Cards And How To Trade It!
List Of Rare Golden Cards And How To Trade It.Do you want golden cards?Searching for tricks to complete cards sets and Only golden cards is required?Can’t receive golden cards from coin master friends?I will help you in collecting golden cards.First let us understand what is golden cards?When can you trade golden cards with friends.

In coin master game,To complete set two types of cards are required:

  1. Normal cards
  2. Golden Cards

1.Normal cards

Every coin master player can send and receive these cards any time.

2.Golden Cards

Cards which can be sent on special events are called golden cards.

To complete the card set,you have to collect both cards.Coin master rewards spins,pet food,xps and coins on collection of all cards of particular sets.

    How Do You Get Gold Cards In Coin Master?

    There are various ways to get golden cards in coin master.Play complete viking quest and get golden cards easily.100% new golden cards on level 5 of viking and level 10 of viking quest.Other way to get golden cards is by opening chests.Sometime you may easily get golden cards by just opening wooden chests.Check below video to get rare golden cards easily.In this below video,i have explained how to open chests to get golden cards.

    Can You Send Gold Cards To Friends On Coin Master?

    No,you can’t send gold cards to friends on coin master.But you can trade golden cards with friends on golden trade events.

    Why Can’t You Send Gold Cards On Coin Master?

    You can not trade golden cards like normal cards.Golden cards can be send and received in golden trade event.Trading golden cards limited to Two unique golden cards mentioned in events.Total no of card trading limit is up to 5 cards including golden cards.

    Can You Trade Gold Cards On Coin Master?

    Yes,You can trade gold cards in coin master.Trade golden cards Coin master official trading group.

    When Can You Trade Gold Cards On Coin Master?

    Golden cards are more rarer then normal cards.Coin master share golden cards Special events for cards trade.As coin master share Coin master free spins on fan pages. Similarly coin master share golden cards trade link too.

    Tip:In my previous post, I have shared a coin master list of rare cards and rarest cards. Check below the list of rare golden cards in 2020.

    List Of Rare Golden Cards In 2020

    List of rare golden cards below:

    • Broken Fence
    • Sangria
    • Studio Time
    • Goblin Treasure
    • Tin Thomas
    • Tequila
    • Meteor
    • Oak Cauldron’
    • Baba Yaga
    • Lucky Jack
    • Sherlock
    • Murano Glass
    • Big Top
    • Beltane Pyro
    • Royal Tent
    • Shishi
    • Montezuma
    • Valiant Vlad
    • Chill Caleb
    • Haunty Morty
    • Pharaoh
    • Lord Of Coins
    • Rembrandt’
    • Red Queen
    • Sushi
    • Throne Of Thorns
    • Coin Master
    List Of Rare Golden Cards And How To Trade It!
    Rare Golden Card

    What Is The Golden Trade In Coin Master?

    A special event when a coin master player able to send and collect golden cards is called golden trade.

    Please let me know in the comment section if you want to know anything else about coin master golden cards and golden cards list.