Business IT Network Support Services

Business IT Network Support Services

Business IT Network Support ServicesOn-site Network Support has taken on greater value for businesses now than ever before. Whether it is to communicate within different branches of the company, contact clients, interact with customers or sell products, companies need networks that are reliable, smooth and efficient.

The problem is that many companies are still relying on outdated models for network support. They stick with service providers that only promise to fix something when it is broken.

The issue is that a company cannot wait around for one or two days before someone decides to fix their network. In fact, most companies cannot afford to wait a few hours.

Network support offered by Landon Technologies ensures that your business network is always running at 100 percent. Our customers value reliability. We do everything to ensure that your network and linked systems are functioning optimally 24/7/365.

Here is a detailed look at the network support services that we offer in the area.

Network Monitoring

The modern business requires 24/7 monitoring of its network to ensure that everything is running smoothly. The “fix it when it breaks” model has become outdated. When a company is running its website and other operations on a network, it must be functioning at 100 percent all the time.

Our services ensure that is the case. We have remote technicians who monitor our clients’ networks 24/7/365. Someone is always on-call, ensuring that when a problem emerges it is nipped in the bud. Our technicians can spot an issue remotely, put in a fix and have your system working at an optimal level before you even notice an issue.

Regular Maintenance

With any network, it is important that routine maintenance and upgrades are handled properly. Since our technicians can monitor your network remotely, we can spot when certain parts may be

Onsite Network Support

causing a problem. If a part repeatedly fails, it may be time to get it replaced. We send technicians to your location to get this replacement and maintenance work done.

On-site Network Support for all size offices

With so much important company data on your network and workstations, it is vital this information is properly backed up. Our team can help you choose a data backup solution. We can set up the data backups and monitor them to ensure everything is in order.

Workstation Management

Workstations can become a problem for companies if they are not properly managed. Your employees may know how to navigate for-work software, but they are not tech experts. If something goes wrong at a workstation, they could spend hours trying to find a solution. It is not a good use of their time.

Our technicians are always on call. The moment an issue arises, we can begin a remote chat with your employee who is using that workstation. They can describe the problem and our technician can recommend a solution. We can also remotely access workstations to solve such issues.

We want your business to function smoothly and efficiently. Count on Landon Technologies to manage your network, data backups and workstations. Regardless the service needed, we want to make sure your office is fully functional!

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