I’m starting to doubt Kaspersky.

I’ve been using Kaspersky for 4 months now and I’m only now starting to doubt their anti-virus. Apparently their privacy policy isn’t the best and with the whole scandal about the password manager, that isn’t all that great either. I’ve also noticed a “Not Processed” file once in a while, or “Error Processing” on a goddamn Team Fortress 2 .vpk (keep in mind, it processed around 14 others of the same extension, just had a problem with a particular one for some reason). I also noticed that some of the components, rarely (like once a week or month), turn off and turn back on around 2-30 seconds later, not sure if that’s normal either. To add, on most days, some components don’t even have the “Task Started” thing. It always says “Your protection is live now” though.

I mainly use Kaspersky because it doesn’t have a high impact on resources, unlike Bitdefender or Microsoft Defender which uses 100% of the CPU, and because of it’s high detection rating.

Is it safe to keep using it or should I switch to a different anti-virus provider?

Is Kaspersky still a good anti-virus?

Lastly, are these issues (processing errors, components randomly shutting off and, almost immediately, back on) at least semi-normal?

Oh, forgot to mention, I also use the free version and the “extreme” setting on literally everything it lets me put it on.

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