Am I safe with malware bytes and my certain problem with a backdoor? **LONG**

So I need to know, I have been worried for the past 2 days about my stupid decision. A friend sent me a youtube video on discord how to get free adobe photoshop, Hes trusted and has helped alot so I went with the video. I later come to find out that his discord was taken over (though he did get it back), but anyways, I download this file and the video told me to put in the password “lipsar” and run a .exe file. After that, it felt sketchy so I went to windows defender and scanned my files, told me I have a Backdoor “Backdoor:Win32”. I immediately removed it, and all it did was quarantine the file, so then I removed it from quarantine, not restore it, removed it and it said “remediation incomplete” which had me scared shitless. I later got in contact with microsoft support who gave me their malicious malware removal tool, no threats detected. Then I would continue to scan my files with windows defender multiple times the same day. Then, I would check me netstat -anon to see if anyone is connected to my computer that shouldn’t be. Then I installed malware bytes and did a scan, and it didnt come back with any threats. I want to know if Im safe from the dickhead getting into my computer, and if malware bytes can remove the backdoor. No files have been corrupted, removed, everything is safe, keep in mind its been 2 days. Also, I have removed the file I originally downloaded and ran which caused the problem. Also, yes, I know basic knowledge of internet safety and not to download things I shouldnt have, but I was stupid and have learned from my mistakes.

I was stupid and installed a program that caused a backdoor virus on my system32 found scanning windows defender
I removed the file originally downloaded along with the .exe
I ran several antiviruses and they have not found any viruses or corrupt files
Download malware bytes, scanned, no threats, wondering if it will remove or stop backdoors

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