Random Domains At Laptop Start Including Foreign Banks Etc Once a Day

Hi, after used nextdns i found laptop is connecting lots of brasil bank and some social network, shop domains once or twice a day when i start the laptop. Scanned with Avast, Kaspersky KVRT, Eset Online, Norton powereraser, panda, mcafee stinger, panda, emsisoft, hitman, drweb cure, fsecure and no virus found. no problem on task scheduler. I don’t see anything common for days in event viewer.

i saw lots of unrelated root domains at nextdns logs. Is there a virus on my laptop that targets Brazilian users (which i’m not even living in Brasil) and tries to get hold of bank, site passwords like keylogger?

serasaexperian.com.br 📷serasa.com.br 📷www.japanpost.jp 📷cox.net 📷pagseguro.uol.com.br 📷pagseguro.com.br 📷uol.com.br 📷td.com 📷ajax.aspnetcdn.com 📷redditblog.com 📷jimdo.com 📷cdn.taboola.com 📷webs.com 📷widgets.amung.us 📷popcash.net 📷cdn.engine.4dsply.com 📷maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com 📷cdnjs.cloudflare.com 📷cloudflare.com 📷hsbc.com.br 📷www.msftconnecttest.com 📷linkedin.com 📷msn.com 📷microsoft.com 📷live.com 📷bing.com 📷malwarebytes.org 📷aws.amazon.com 📷nab.com.au 📷instagram.com 📷www.netflix.com 📷amazon.de 📷amazon.co.uk 📷amazon.com 📷citigroup.com 📷citibank.com.br 📷citibank.com 📷cef.com.br 📷www.caixa.gov.br 📷caixa.gov.br 📷bancobrasil.com.br 📷aapj.bb.com.br 📷bb.com.br 📷www.bb.com.br 📷walmart.com 📷www.msftncsi.com 📷www.appleiphonecell.com 📷ing.com 📷bmo.com 📷pnc.com 📷53.com 📷b.scorecardresearch.com 📷widgets.outbrain.com 📷scotiabank.com 📷sicredi.com.br 📷axisbank.com 📷usaa.com 📷www.americanexpress.com 📷cibc.com 📷www.santanderbank.com 📷bancosantander.es 📷santander.com.br 📷itaupersonnalite.com.br 📷www.itau.com.br 📷itau.com.br 📷bradescopj.com.br 📷bradescoprime.com.br 📷banco.bradesco 📷bradesco.com.br 📷www.barclays.co.uk 📷adobe.com 📷avg.com 📷avast.com 📷tidd.ly 📷bit.ly 📷pubads.g.doubleclick.net 📷connectivitycheck.android.com 📷connectivitycheck.gstatic.com 📷uber.com 📷virustotal.com 📷accounts.google.com 📷ajax.googleapis.com 📷pagead2.googlesyndication.com 📷ssl.google-analytics.com 📷www.google-analytics.com 📷gmail.com 📷goo.gl 📷google.de 📷google.com.br 📷google.co.uk 📷vk.com 📷yandex.ru 📷yahoo.com 📷facebook.com 📷www.unicreditgroup.eu 📷db.com 📷fiddler2.com 📷ib.adnxs.com 📷onclickads.net 📷wellsfargo.com 📷paypal.com 📷kaspersky.com 📷360.com 📷eset.com 📷alibaba.com 📷ebay.com 📷aol.com 📷odnoklassniki.ru 📷mail.ru 📷weebly.com 📷baidu.com 📷qq.com 📷myspace.com 📷apple.com 📷twitter.com 📷wordpress.com


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