BrandPost: Redefining Home Security

It’s been quite a year. Along with adapting to a pandemic that shut the world inside and brought on a seismic shift in social norms, more people than ever are working from home. A YouGov survey of global office workers commissioned by the new security platform HP Wolf Security shows that 82% of respondents are working from home more since the start of the pandemic, with some 23% expecting to work from home most of the time even after we “return to normal” (whatever that is).

Which means that hundreds of millions of us are tapping into our employee networks through work-distributed laptops, sure, but also with our personal devices. Not just that, but we’re letting our kids use them for school, for gaming, for streaming content (and we’re often guilty of doing the same!). According to the recent Blurred Lines and Blindspots report by HP on work styles, 76% of office workers say that working from home during COVID-19 has thinned the barrier between their personal and professional lives. Half of remote office workers say they now see their work device as their own personal device, with 46% admitting to using their work laptop for “life admin”; 30% say they have let someone else use their work device. Meanwhile, 69% of office workers have used their personal laptop or printer for work tasks and activities since the start of the pandemic.

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