Governing Decentralized Complex Queries Through a DAO. (arXiv:2107.06790v1 [cs.DC])

Recently, a new generation of P2P systems capable of addressing data
integrity and authenticity has emerged for the development of new applications
for a “more” decentralized Internet, i.e., Distributed Ledger Technologies
(DLT) and Decentralized File Systems (DFS). However, these technologies still
have some unanswered issues, mostly related to data lookup and discovery. In
this paper, first, we propose a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) system that
efficiently manages decentralized keyword-based queries executed on data stored
in DFS. Through a hypercube logical layout, queries are efficiently routed
among the network, where each node is responsible for a specific keywords set
and the related contents. Second, we provide a framework for the governance of
the above network, based on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
implementation. We show how the use of smart contracts enables organizational
decision making and rewards for nodes that have actively contributed to the
DHT. Finally, we provide experimental validation of an implementation of our
proposal, where the execution of the same protocol for different logical nodes
of the hypercube allows us to evaluate the efficiency of communication within
the network.