Looking for more info about Script:SNH-gen [Trj]

I’ve been using Malwarebytes Premium because I got it for free but I also have AVG which I keep in passive mode and I use it for the occasional scan. I did this yesterday and it detected Script:SNH-gen [Trj] which I’m a bit concerned about. I have no idea where this could have came from as I’m very cautious with what I download. Does anyone know how this usually infects PCs? Also, what are the implications of it being found? I’m not sure if it’s just something which is flagged as a trojan as a precaution, or whether things I have saved on my computer such as account details and passwords are likely to have been compromised. Two instances of the file were found in AppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera StableCode Cachejs. Any advice would be appreciated.

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