Jailbreaking or forensics? W-2s and business email compromise. Router vulnerabilities. Windows zero-day. Enterprise security priorities. Iranians cyber ops and Iranian dissent. US-Russian cyber tensions.

In today’s podcast, we hear reports that Cellebrite forensic tools have been dumped online. The IRS warns that W-2 fraud is being combined with business email compromise. Cisco router vulnerabilities are under discussion. A Windows zero-day can produce the blue screen of death. Recent surveys prompt a review of enterprise security spending priorities: the perimeter is down, the endpoint is up, and network visibility is everywhere. Russia’s treason trial proceeds. The US sends a good-cop/bad-cop message, or maybe just a mixed message, in cyber. Accenture Technology’s Malek Ben Salem discusses embedded device security. Author Frederick Lane on his latest book, Cybertraps for Expecting Moms and Dads.¬†And is Hogwarts in Buckinghamshire, or the Monongahela Valley?