Exploiting ROLLO’s Constant-Time Implementations with a Single-Trace Analysis, by Agathe Cheriere and Lina Mortajine and Tania Richmond and Nadia El Mrabet

ROLLO was a candidate to the second round of NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography standardization process. In the last update in April 2020, there was a key encapsulation mechanism (ROLLO-I) and a public-key encryption scheme (ROLLO-II). In this paper, we propose an attack to recover the syndrome during the decapsulation process of ROLLO-I. From this syndrome, we explain how to perform a private key-recovery. We target two constant-time implementations: the C reference implementation and a C implementation available on GitHub. By getting power measurements during the execution of the Gaussian elimination function, we are able to extract on a single trace each element of the syndrome. This attack can also be applied to the decryption process of ROLLO-II.