what do i do now?

what do i do now?
what do i do now?

first of all, i just switched from AVG to Kaspersky and i run a full scan. it found those you see on the screen shot. AVG never found a single one, and i did 2 scans before removing it. at the 10 it says removed but there is that one in red that is still there? what should i do now? i need help im a total noob



also are those bad? i heard the one in orange are pups or something that give me just ads and that i might not even have noticed because i have Adblock and ublock. made a post about windows defender finding them before and people helped me, but i thought windows defender removed them? i mean i run it one and it found 5 a day later i run it again and it found 6. i guess its that trojan which i have no idea what it is other than it looking evil.



anyway im such a noob at this im scared to click stuff and ending up ignoring the virus, so im asking you guys to help me. So i wont deal this with brown pants…

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