Cybersecurity insurance, if you can get it

Article from IT security consultant, about ransomware insurance:

 - "Ransomware has been so successful in compromising victims and getting
   big payouts that it has led to a rapid, fundamental change in the
   cybersecurity industry. Many previous cybersecurity insurance players are
   getting out of the industry or refusing to insure for ransomware and
   other cyber crime. Those that are left are charging more, insuring for
   less and requiring proof of far stronger controls before a policy is

 - They contract with experienced companies that respond to hundreds to
   thousands of ransomware events a year...

 - Ransomware gangs had obviously searched for and found a victim's
   insurance policy after breaking into the victim's environment...
   ransomware gang would respond with the maximum figure they knew the
   victim was insured for. So, a hint to anyone who has a cybersecurity
   policy, make sure that document is not online or specially protect it...

 - They will ascertain your current risk, make recommendations, and
   constantly monitor your status. You need someone to read your logs or
   patch your computers, your friendly cybersecurity insurance company may
   be able to do that for you..."