May have downloaded virus on PC

I was torrenting a copy of the movie Superbad and I skipped past the part where windows said it was dangerous, it froze windows explorer for a second but nothing bad happened until Windows Defender notified me of a threat. I told it to deal with it and it said there was no more threats. I still got notifications though on the sidebar despite the windows defender scans saying nothing was wrong. I did the offline scan and was able to delete the folder with the likely Trojan I previously couldn’t, but in task manager there is a program running that dosen’t go away when I click end task. It was recently created and modified at the same time I clicked on the Trojan. I don’t have an antivirus installed on my PC besides windows defender. The program has almost no results online found. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

TLDR; Got virus, what do I do

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