BrandPost: How to Modernize IT Support for Improved User Experiences

We’ve all heard: “It’s probably easier to just jump on a screen share and I can sort it.” Far from being the personal touch, IT support over screen share is just a terrible user experience.

As an end user, when I have a glitch that’s irritating enough to report to the service desk, it’s probably disrupting my work. But these remote-control sessions tend to be scheduled later – not when the user has the issue. They also tend to be challenging to schedule and highly disruptive because the whole process requires the end-user to stop working and make small talk for 20 minutes.

Also, consider just how intrusive it is as a method. In 2021, endpoints are increasingly personal – we’ve all got browser tabs open that manage our personal lives, as well as emails containing confidential information. Aren’t we all entitled to some privacy?

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