Women in IT are burned out. The pandemic is making it worse.

With the need to keep organizations humming through a global pandemic, this past year has placed considerable stress on IT professionals. Taken in total, however, the strains of adjusting to life and work under COVID-19 have fallen disproporationally on women in IT. 

A survey of 450 tech professionals by TrustRadius found that 57% of women report feeling burned out at work this year as a result of the pandemic, compared to 36% of men. Central to this has been an imbalance in added responsibilities due to the pandemic, both at home and in the workplace.

“I feel it for myself and I know my teams absolutely feel it too. It’s just this endless cycle of not being able to fully focus on your work for the period of time that you’re used to and it’s intermingled with added home [responsibilities] as well,” says Jadee Hanson, CIO and CISO of Code42.

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