Improved Rates for Differentially Private Stochastic Convex Optimization with Heavy-Tailed Data. (arXiv:2106.01336v2 [cs.LG] UPDATED)

We study stochastic convex optimization with heavy-tailed data under the
constraint of differential privacy. Most prior work on this problem is
restricted to the case where the loss function is Lipschitz. Instead, as
introduced by Wang, Xiao, Devadas, and Xu, we study general convex loss
functions with the assumption that the distribution of gradients has bounded
$k$-th moments. We provide improved upper bounds on the excess population risk
under approximate differential privacy of
n}right)^{frac{k-1}{k}}right)$ and
n}right)^{frac{2k-2}{k}}right)$ for convex and strongly convex loss
functions, respectively. We also prove nearly-matching lower bounds under the
constraint of pure differential privacy, giving strong evidence that our bounds
are tight.