Standalone or minimal Ransomware protection?

Ever since ransomware first went mainstream many many years ago with CryptoLocker, I’ve been using Cryptoprevent. I set it, and forgot it. I have a lifetime license.

Recently, my computer died so I was forced to upgrade. Now I’ve been reading that Cryptoprevent is less than stellar, so here I am looking for a better alternative that does not trash my computer’s performance.

Ideally, I want something dedicated. I don’t care about standard antivirus, just ransomware.

From what I see, Kaspersky’s dedicated offering (KART, Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool) has potential, but right off the bat it eats 500Mb of disk space (165 in Program Files (x86), 332 in ProgramData). It’s also only 32 bit and doesn’t let you choose the install location.

At the moment I’m looking at NOD32, but I’d like some input from here before I pull the trigger. NOD32 takes circa 150Mb (95 in Program Files, 56 in ProgramData) once it has installed and has sat on the license page for five minutes. It’s also fully 64bit and the folder locations can be customized to a high degree.

I don’t mind paying. I even prefer more expensive lifetime licenses when available. I just want high performance, good reputation, low footprint, no obnoxious popups and an unobtrusive UI that doesn’t treat me like a middle schooler and gives me plenty of customization options.

So. What are my choices, /r/antivirus?

Bonus question: If I choose NOD32, can it completely take over Windows Defender? Does NOD32 perform better or worse in terms of system resources?

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