Urgent help, I’m scared, what’s going on

Ok so, when I go take a shower, i take a long one. I ask my mum after around 15~20 minutes if my laptop is sleeping. I asked after 15 minutes, she said my laptop is still on. Now, I didn’t install anything new that halts sleep mode that I know of. I always unplug my mouse prior to when I go shower so that nothing can obstruct it to awake the blackened screen before sleep mode.

I’m really scared that this is malware, because my internet has been acting rough ever since my reset. I lag really hard ingame, I disconnect occasionally. F-Secure router scans say nothing is up.

I did a hitman pro default scan, nothing came up. Im doing a windows defender full scan right now, I’m really scared.


These have been my sleep settings ever since I reset. I’m really scared

I looked at “fix windows not sleeping” and I did the command thingy


What am I meant to gather from that

Also in response to this ^^^^


Is this the culprit?

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