Historic Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin Commemorated in ‘World of Tanks’

Historic Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin Commemorated in ‘World of Tanks’
Space.com writes:

Tank battles and history will collide this month as the makers of the free-to-play game “World of Tanks” honors the legacy of famed cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin for the 60th anniversary of his historic launch into space… “World of Tanks” developer Wargaming has launched its “To The Stars!” event, which recruits Gagarin into the game along with Vostok 1 themed goodies for players. The event launched Wednesday (April 7 ) and runs through April 19. Gagarin will be an in-game commander, dressed in his iconic orange flight suit, who will represent the U.S.S.R. nation.

“World of Tanks” creators worked with Gagarin’s daughter, Galina Gagarina, to launch a commemorative website for the 60th anniversary of Vostok 1. You can see that “To The Stars! website here, where players can also track their progress in the event.

“Yuri Gagarin proved that humans can live and operate in space. His flight encouraged and gave hope to all those who dreamed of this! It kickstarted the deep understanding of humanity’s role in preserving and developing our cosmic home — Earth,” Galina Gagarin said in a statement. “I’m happy to know that, through the millions-strong audience of World of Tanks, the memory of mankind’s first foray into space will be preserved for years to come!”

The press release promises a “shower of cosmic activities,” including return of “Gravity Force Mode” between April 12 and April 18 with a new ability that “allows tanks to jump up and operate in the air.”

And the Wargaming/MS-1 team behind the mobile tank game “World of Tanks Blitz” commemorated Gagarin’s historic flight by launching a tank model into the stratosphere.

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