How an Online ‘Lego’ Gamer Infiltrated the White House Press Corps

How an Online ‘Lego’ Gamer Infiltrated the White House Press Corps
Four times in recent weeks, the White House press secretary was relayed questions from someone that Mediate describes as “a gag persona for a former Secretary of State made of Legos.”

The reporters believed they were helping a real reporter who was prohibited by Covid protocols from attending. Politico reports:
That colleague, who goes by the name Kacey Montagu, doesn’t exist — at least not as an actual reporter. Since late last year, Montagu has taken on the identity of a White House correspondent extraordinaire with a fictional outlet to boot: White House News, shortened in emails to WHN… In communications with confidants, Montagu has posed as a member of White House Correspondents Association, claiming to be a reporter for The Daily Mail, the British tabloid known for its gossipy coverage of celebrities and political figures. Montagu also communicates regularly with top White House reporters and has had several exchanges with White House officials.

But Montagu never joined WHCA and The Daily Mail. There is no Kacey Montagu, except as a digital impersonation of a White House correspondent…

Montagu’s activity is a remarkable illustration of how the online landscape, along with the age of pandemic-related virtual work, has opened up avenues for the mischievous-minded to infiltrate the top echelons of power. What’s perhaps more remarkable is that he or she did it all without raising a solitary eyebrow… until Thursday.

Montagu had started a Twitter account showing the schedules of White House officials, which ultimately attracted a following by actual White House correspondents and even some minor government staffers, according to the article.

Acquaintances…believe Montagu’s White House moonlighting began as something to boast about in the online global gaming platform called ROBLOX, where users jokingly call themselves “Legos.” Within that platform is a role-playing group called nUSA, where people from across the world engage in a mock U.S. government exercise…

Another longtime member of the community in touch with Montagu said they suspected that they created the account “just for the memes” and never assumed things would progress this far.

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