Unable to uninstall Malware/Adware softwares from settings menu. Need help.

I made the mistake of installing a software from a site which turned out to be illegitimate. It installed some random programs as I went through the setup which I was not able to uninstall afterwards from the Apps settings menu. It displayed a dialog box stating the program is already running. I checked the task manager and stopped whatever was running. But it was futile. I panicked and I went to my local drive and deleted files of those respective virus softwares thinking it’s going to resolve the issues. But that was the most stupid mistake I made. These programs still show up on the Apps menu but now I am not able to uninstall it as it shows a dialog stating the system is not able locate the files and I’m supposed to reinstall it to properly uninstall those programs. I installed Kaspersky Security Cloud and scanned my whole system. It found the threats and cleaned my computer and now it’s running fine. But they still show up on the Apps menu and now I don’t know how to deal with it. Please help 🙏🏼

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