[CONTINUATION OF] Need help with malware telling me hackers are going to come to my house.

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But TL;DR, In April 7, 2021 I downloaded a software called FileZilla, of which bundled a third party spyware/malware/trojan. It was notorious for doing that however my teenager ass still downloaded it.

April 9th 2:00 am I come to my PC and find a folder called “dat files” that contained a dat file that said “we’re coming_0_0” I’m absolutely terrified and I think I’m in a creepypasta now. The files date to april 7th (or february I don’t remember) and begin downloading anti viruses to examine the problem.

Now for the continuation:

This morning I ran various tests and came back with lots of malwares and trojans of all kinds and sizes. Test 1 with MalwareBytes came out with vague “malware” that MalwareBytes proceeded to quarantine and delete. after that, A-OK.

But I was still skeptical, but I moved on with my day until and UNKNOWN COMPUTER was in my network so I turned off network sharing and was having a meltdown and crying, so I booted to safe mode and downloaded Kaspersky and ran a test through there, and it came out with a trojan type Multi.Brosubsc.Gen. I did some research and I found out that this type of trojan is dedicated to backdooring your(or in this case) my PC and send the info back to the creator. I promptly shit my pants.

However I logged on on to twitter and spent some time to relief some pain, I felt confortable until suddenly I saw this link pop up:


I don’t know where it came from, or how it came from, and I am scared as fuck. Needless to say uBlock blocked it from me actually viewing it because it had the .live domain in their badware filter.

Now, I just ran a test through the software Hitmanoro. It also alerted me of two vague warnings/threats viruses but nothing else and I asusme it deleted it…now after I am currently downloading a software called ESET and seeing what will happen with that.

I listened to some of your solutions and I’m thinking of blocking the firewall and then some. I can’t make a restore point because for some reason the restore point failed when I first tried to run to it when I first saw the death threat file.

So ehm, what do I do now? Any suggestions? I’m still scared, dear god I wish I came back to the golden days of 36 hours ago and listening to daft punk. I’ve never had much experience with malware, if any before, so excuse me if I’m illiterate. I may be one bit too paranoid, but please. And thank you so much.

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