Carding Mafia hack: 300,000 user accounts exposed

Have I been Pwned reported that the data breach exposed users’ email addresses, hashed passwords, usernames, and IP addresses. Of the 500,000 users of the hacking forum, 297,744 have been affected; however, the forum operators have not yet notified their users. The founder of Have I Been Pwned has confirmed the authenticity of the stolen data. Troy Hunt stated that the carding site recognised the leaked email addresses through the “forgot password” feature. It failed, though, when random email addresses were entered.

On another popular hacking forum a different hacker has appeared, advertising the data stolen from Carding Mafia. The Motherboard shared screenshots online, which show that the allegedly stolen database was 990 GB in size and contained 660,000 posts and 130,000 threads. The hacker was supposedly offering the database for free.


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