MIPGAN — Generating Strong and High Quality Morphing Attacks Using Identity Prior Driven GAN. (arXiv:2009.01729v3 [cs.CV] UPDATED)

Face morphing attacks target to circumvent Face Recognition Systems (FRS) by
employing face images derived from multiple data subjects (e.g., accomplices
and malicious actors). Morphed images can be verified against contributing data
subjects with a reasonable success rate, given they have a high degree of
facial resemblance. The success of morphing attacks is directly dependent on
the quality of the generated morph images. We present a new approach for
generating strong attacks extending our earlier framework for generating face
morphs. We present a new approach using an Identity Prior Driven Generative
Adversarial Network, which we refer to as MIPGAN (Morphing through Identity
Prior driven GAN). The proposed MIPGAN is derived from the StyleGAN with a
newly formulated loss function exploiting perceptual quality and identity
factor to generate a high quality morphed facial image with minimal artefacts
and with high resolution. We demonstrate the proposed approach’s applicability
to generate strong morphing attacks by evaluating its vulnerability against
both commercial and deep learning based Face Recognition System (FRS) and
demonstrate the success rate of attacks. Extensive experiments are carried out
to assess the FRS’s vulnerability against the proposed morphed face generation
technique on three types of data such as digital images, re-digitized (printed
and scanned) images, and compressed images after re-digitization from newly
generated MIPGAN Face Morph Dataset. The obtained results demonstrate that the
proposed approach of morph generation poses a high threat to FRS.