Bought Game hacks

I bought game hacks for a game and wonder if they gave any malware. Alot of the code was in Chinese, and it asked me to download a program that disables windows defender and to disable my firewalls. It says it needs this to run and inject whatever it needs into the game. My question now is (Yes I know this was really dumb) but I heard about rootkits and RATS and all that, and wondering what if I downloaded something that got into my BIOS? or my MBR? Should I flash the BIOS and how do I get rid of it completely if its in my hardware drivers or MBR? I’ll probably take my shit for this but not really wanting to throw this computer away.

Edit: So I found some Trojan and malware when scanning with malwarebytes and removed. Some registry keys and the main program and an additional “required file”. The website is just a heads up

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