Re: Energy-harvesting card treats 5G networks as wireless power grids

[via geoff goodfellow]

The second paragraph is a description of a perpetual-motion process. If you
harvest 30% of the output power, that harvested power is not transmitted.
Now imagine that you use that 30% to replace input electrical power. You are
now producing the original power output with only about 85% of the original
power (assuming a reasonable 50% efficiency of the transmitter).  Now do
that again, and again and again, and pretty soon the transmitted power
remains the same, but the input power is equal to the output power.  100%
efficiency. Wow! Now, do it again and you are actually (or should I say,
virtually), creating new power. Very exciting! Forget about wind and solar
power. Let's do an IPO!

Of course, this logic is flawed, but so is the idea that millimeter wave
frequencies can radiate at higher densities and farther than lower

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  > Date: Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 7:36 AM
  > From: *Andy Poggio* <>

  They are talking about single digit microwatts—truly tiny amounts of
  power.  This won't be charging up your electric car with this.  There are
  some types of very low power sensors that can use this and avoid batteries
 —but this is a very limited use.  Andy Poggio