I think I have really slick remote malware (urgent)

These past few days have been pretty anxiety-driven.

Problem 1: File Explorer randomly opening on its own.

Problem 2: My laptop going into sleep mode despite mbam being in my tray icon which prevents a laptop from sleeping, doesn’t it?

Problem 3: Weirder Internet. (Basically, when I’m in my room with my phone, the internet jumps from 5 bars, to 4 bars. Sometimes even to 3, but they always jump back to 5 during a few minute period.

I’ve had a malware problem, and I’m pretty scared.

Problem 1 : I ran windows defender full scan, bringing up nothing. No, I didn’t accidentally press win + e.

Problem 2: Ever since I downloaded Mbam, it would prevent my laptop from sleeping, it would only make the screen black from me being idle for 5 minutes. Just today my laptop randomly goes to sleep mode, despite mbam being in the tray icon. I cannot figure out why.

Problem 3: I ran f-secure router scans, that came clean. Idfk.

I’m very concerned as I recently just made a payment on my debit account. I don’t want a hacker or whatever getting my debit info.

Please help.

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