Tesla Owner: I Butt-Dialed a $4,280 Autopilot Upgrade — And They Haven’t Refunded Me

<div>Tesla Owner:  I Butt-Dialed a ,280 Autopilot Upgrade -- And They Haven't Refunded Me</div>
CNBC reports:

On September 24th, physician Dr. Ali Vaziri was unpleasantly surprised by a mobile alert from his bank, which said he had just purchased a $4,280 upgrade for his Tesla Model 3. The large transaction, he quickly surmised, was a “butt dial” or accidental purchase made through the Tesla app on his iPhone. “My phone was in my jeans,” Vaziri told CNBC. “I took it out, put it on this charger that comes with your Tesla and that’s it. A minute later? I got the text. I’ve never purchased anything through the Tesla app before….”

Moments after he received the mobile alert from his bank, Vaziri called his local Tesla store and service center. They couldn’t help directly, but gave him the number for a customer service hotline. He called the number, and requested a refund. Instead of processing the doctor’s refund request on the spot, the customer service rep told Vaziri to click on the refund button in his Tesla app to process his request. Vaziri informed them there was no such button in the Tesla app, just some text and a link to the refund policy. An e-mail he received from Tesla confirming the unauthorized purchase contained only vague information about a refund, and no buttons to click or links to a page where he could process a refund request either. The email, which Vaziri shared with CNBC, drove him to Tesla’s support web site, which in turn told him to call his local service center.

To this date, Vaziri says, Tesla customer service has not provided him with a refund, nor has the call center provided him with so much as a confirmation number or e-mail to acknowledge his calls about the refund. Instead, he processed a stop payment request through his credit card company.

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